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delta force

Evil Marge

I Rule
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how can i ply delta force 1 on multiplayer? updates have errors at the very end and doesnt work. then that daft novaworld mplayer thing doesnt open df when u click a name.it just says thank you for playing df when i havnt even played mplayer yet!
which delta force? delta force black hawk down?
if so I advise to get the latest beta version from its site.
if you have another delta force lke DF task dagger..then get Game Spy Arcade to get servers.
think marge is talking bout the first delta force, am wondering why you would play such an old version from the game. Maybe have a look at deltaspy...

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Hi Guys...My son posted this using my name instead of his own.I don't play these silly games:)............Yeah the games is an old one, he just bought it today cause it was only £5.00 :)Who can resist at that price.


OSNN Gamer
Multiplayer Demo - Delta Force - Black Hawk Down

This game rocks on dialup :D

I'm usually in either Demo6 - Sweet 1 or Irene 2
Kicking a$$
Experience the Intensity of Modern Warfare
Experience the Intensity of Modern Warfare in this detailed multiplayer map which includes both day and night settings. Features include weapons mounted on Black Hawk helicopters and Humvees, Progressive Spawn Points, grenade launchers and new weapon ballistics.
This demo includes just 'team deathmatch' Multiplayer for the NovaWorld Service and LAN Play ONLY


holy cow you to.... im always in demo 6. im ACE or DELTA COMMANDER and for a little while i was CRONOS


OSNN Gamer
I started playing as TwoZigzagColt45

then I got good ... I'm always in the top 5 :D

now just to rub it in my new name is


I meet a couple of buddies in there so we always pick blue team & back each other up.

take all the spawn points & run amok in their area :p

watch out snipers !!! I know where you are - dont bother shooting em - just throw a grenade on the roof _BOOM_ he he he

I get loads of ppl with grenades :D

top game



lol Im always blue. I run around finding the best sniper spots tha nobody would guess in a million years and shoot up anybody that runs,flys,or drives by. lol I got a personal fave right now. Nobody can find me and the pickins are plentiful. I usually try to get the most kills but sometimes it doesnt happen. Im gonna buy the game and play the tournament. Meet me there xsiv?


OSNN Gamer
I've had a look round a few online gaming sites
I cant find any reference to DF1
could be its out of of date & no servers support it anymore


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