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Dell 8250 slow multitasking with games



OK, I know it's a dell, I know the videocard stinks (MX420) but the question is:

Will my multitasking get a lot better with playing games if I put 512Mb of RDRAM in it instead of 256MB.

This is the pc1066 RDRAM, and the system is equiped with a 533Mhz frontside but 2.4Ghz P4 and a 80Gb harddrive.

Anyway, How do I get more performance out of this system,



Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Sure XP loves Ram and it shows I have used XP on as little as 128mb sdram pc100 <<< old ibm aptiva

Used a duron 1100 and had 256 pc133 ram went as high as 512mb on this one and it loved it ....

Now I have an Athlon xp1800+ and 768mb of DDR2700 and I walked up from 256mb adding 256mb ..and it loved it and again another 256mb and wow ... so yes add more ram 256 is not imho really enough


If you're wondering if games will get better with more RAM the answer is maybe. If you really want better gaming get rid of that pitiful video card. I can't believe a system like that would come with such an extremely horrible video card. Spend 150-200 dollars on a ATI 9500 or a Nvidia 4200 and you'll see quite a bit of difference in your system.


can't believe it either

I'm already looking for an other videocard, probably one of the Ti4200 will be good in here, you can get those for as little as 111 dollars.

The question was however, will the multitasking be better while gaming if I put more RAM in it or will the videocard upgrade do the whole thing for me.

In another system at home I have a XP2100+ working with 256Mb DDR400 and a 128Mb Ti4200 at 8X AGP, that system also can be a lot better I think by just adding more RAM,

Your comments please!

Thanks guys (and girls)



OSNN Gamer
definatly more RAM

My 32 meg GeForce 2 gts pro with 512meg sd ram
runs games better than
my 128 meg GeForce 4 Ti4200 with 256 meg DDR 2100


Shamus MacNoob

Political User
As I said above add more ram your going to love it ..... it makes everything so much faster smoother ....... I never have less than 550 mb of FREE RAM .. unless I do some serious crunching ( video)

other than that I swear by it RAM makes everything so much better ...........


More RAM it is

OK, thanks I'm going to put more RAM in the system and evaluate!

I hope 512Mb is enough for now!



installed the RAM and yes it's better


I got the RDRAM in today and installed it directly into the computer, it's blazing fast now, and the multitasking is much much better.

Still some hickups in gameplay, but I know that's the stupid videocard DELL put in this system. Still don't know why they put such a ****ty card in such a computer. I guess they expect this 8250 to be only used in office's or something. So next is a nice videocard, still aiming for the Ti4200.

Thanks for the help, I'm smiling again, now I see what I paid the money for!


Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Yes he was at 256mb thats just not enough ... and sure after a certain amount of RAM it will level off ..... even bottleneck but it was a safe bet that 256mb was not doing the job on XP. I use 768mb ddr 2700 and its fine ...

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