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DDR ram Warranty



Hi I brought the 256 ddr pc400 for about 2 days , I got the receipt, there is a problem, I plug into motherborad it work fine, it run smoothly, however, I turn on the computer for couple of hours smokes came out from inside computer case, I quickly, unplug the main switch from behind the case and main switch power supply. Can i claim under warranty?


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That's shocking - you sure you got DDR 400? Some cheapskate retailers are so low they'll replace the sticker on the memory stick. Check the actual model number to see if you've got the right stick. :) I've been ripped off before. Unfortunately the only way to find out the problem was to open the case by ripping the sticker and technically voiding the warranty - catch 22. What low lives.
Since it was really smoking (that was the memory??) I think it won't be a problem. If they do argue, just yell about fire hazard an lawsuits and stuff. :) But it shouldn't be a problem.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Trust me, you haven't experienced the worst like I have. How likely will it be that memory smokes without you having meddled with it in some way? Very hard to prove. Any Consumer Protection Lawyers here? I'm still undergrad.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Nothing wrong now. They eventually replaced generic RAM with Kingston after a loooong argument. But refused to fulfil warranty obligations since I ripped that sticker. :(

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