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I have 512 MB of SyncDRAM but I heard DDR RAM is twice as fast. Is this true and what are the basic differences between the two? Also .. if it is twice as fast, does anybody know a good online store where you can purchase DDR ram for cheap?


How do you tell?

How do I go about finding out if my motherboard would supported it?

sorry .. real hardware newb here .. dunno how to even find out what my current motherboard is.

I have a Compaq Presario 5330US if that helps at all.


In order to use DDR ram you need to get a new MOBO that supports it. Basically, DDR FSB is 266MHz while SD FSB is 100/133 MHz depends on the model u got. MOBO like ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte are relatively cheap in the market now.


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Originally posted by xsk8zerox
Well is it supports sdram it wont support ddr. sorry
There are some motherboards which support both. Easiest way is to look at the memory slots. If you have 2 notches inside the slot to locate them memory the its sdram, one and its DDR ram.


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another great way to tell if it is DDR or SDR is to plug a DDR clip inside your memory slot... if it works... it is DDR.. if not... you've been jipped and you should than proceed to rant and rave for a few days... bar b q your neighbors cat while yer at it and there you go... voila... you're all set :)

but yeah you can tell I think by the number of nothces.. (I know jackall about that... just trusting my trusty copper here)

also if you are looking for a decent board get Asustek, Abit, gigabyte and MSI to name a few... asus and abit cost a bit more but have a reputation... as for the others they are fine mobo makers also... my friend just set his system up with all the bells and whistles, but 'only' 256 megs of DDR RAM and I have YET to see it glitch... even in the most intense scences of Max Payne, Deus Ex or RtCW... :D joy joy...

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