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Dawn of war trojan?

Quick question.

Pestscan.com has been detecting sintfnt.dll and sintf32.dll as a trojan. None of my other scanners give it a second thought. I remove the files, they pop up in document and setting/<my user account>/local settings/temp, but as soon as I run Dawn of War (warhammer 40K) those files come back.

Is this just securom running?
yeah.... I figured you would of had them also, since I figured out the game was spitting those files out.

But my question was what are those files? Is petscan getting a false positive or is there something malicious to them?

And if is is securom posing a malicious threat, not really a big deal for me, I don't play pirated games if that is what its looking for, but I don't like sneaky programs on my computer.

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