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CS3 Free/cheap


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Is there away to get the new Adobe CS3 for free, or at least cheaper then what it is normally? I am a student, long time user, and poor.

I will admit my truths, yes many times in the past I have just downloaded it and hacked it, but now that's not even an option, too much work and troubles. I also don't have $2000 to fork over.

Any ideas?
I'm sure there are pre-hacked versions available on the popular sources these days. If you go to uni/college they will probably have student licensing available too. Go stop being lazy.


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B, pricing/licensing is good for students. No matter how young or old.
alright, I'll give it a shot


and zero, those are all in pounds (or whatever that is) so I am assuming I wouldn't be able to get those prices here anyways.


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A co-worker of mine just bought CS3 for 199 since he is a student. Only pitfall is you can't upgrade the academic versions, but if you save that much I'm sure that isn't much of a concern. He said there is a version for student/faculty/administration that is like $299 but a $199 for students only.

No need to link to the site, just search for academic software on google and there are ****loads of sites. Back in the day when I used to do this, all you needed to do was to send them a copy of your student ID or current schedule. However, he said he had to plug in his social security number now and they have some sort of student DB :eek:


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Yes but is that only for college/uni students? I am still finishing up highschool as a co-op student.

Nope ... all you need is a student ID card from an accredited school. Check out sites like "journey ed" (tho they irritate me) ... I get my school-related software from a place down the street that also has a site ... Just do a search for local retailers that offer the "educational versions" of s/w.

You can also find it on eBay.


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Thanks for the answer, I never even thought about eBay lol

I can't see eBay being much cheaper anyways.


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Well eBay is a good idea, you can also buy academic versions there without an ID (although for legal reasons, the auctions have to say they will make you verify you are a student after although they never do).


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if your gonna buy cs3, tiger direct had a special a while ago, where you could get it with c4d which was pretty incredible.


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My favorite source for educational software is Creation Engine. They're right down the street from me, but also have a website. Good, fair prices and seem to have everything I want always available.

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