CRT Monitor Respray

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Hi all

Has anybody done a respray of thier CRT monitor? and if so what was the results?

I am thinking of spraying my lovely 19" satin black as its the only skanky beige part left of my system.

I am getting some help and we will prime it and then spray it (text and logos are gonna be replaced by vinyl to finish it off)


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Numerous modders have done this afaik. Just remove the casing of the screen first and be careful on to get shocked by the high-voltage electronics (lingering charges can shock you even after you disconnect the sceen for quite a while).

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Cheers Taggert_LOA seems a fairly good guide, one thing a mate mentioned is discharging capacitors, am i correct to think if its not used for 24hrs+ they will naturally discharge?
Also is it best to leave it plugged in (with the socket switch off)?



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unplug and follow the guide, as long as you don't touch the death wire you'll be ok. i've done dozens of monitors, cleaning and such. the only thing i do recommend is that you sand off the gloss finish the plastic seems to have. it will give you a better mirror finish. use a plastic primer paint, even base and clear coat. the clear coat is what will give you the shine. something important the guide seems to have left out , is that you cannot touch the painted pieces for at least 24-36 hours. allow at least 2 hours a coat for each coat. a good paint job shouls take a weekend to do. it might seem like over kill but plastic does not absorb paint like wood or drywall. so you have to let each coat dry, before you handle and paint another coat. follow the krylon fusion instructions to the T. it will take 7 days for the krylon paint to fully cure. or, the paint will peel. i know fom trial and error. good luck and take some nice pics of the finished product to let us see the beauty. let it sit at least 2 days before you reassemble.

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Cheers again for the info (I have made a mental note to add to your rep before this thread closes ;))

----Edit rep point added thanks :)------

I don’t plan to sand the part, as I want to preserve the original finish of my screen I am not aiming for high gloss for this will not match in with the rest of my stuff.

My plan of attack is as follows

1. Photo logos and the diamondpro NF text – this will be replaced via vinyl stickers cut by a friend
2. Disassemble screen (luckily it appears that all the electronics are housed in a steel shell (it was a £420 pro screen when I got it))
3. Thoroughly clean the parts
4. Plastic primer all the parts
5. IF…..IF its not too daunting replace the green LED with a Blue one
6. Spray front, back, and base in satin black
7. Spray function buttons in sliver
8. Spray power button with either black or silver (currently thinking on black to keep it symmetrical looking)
9. Apply sliver/gunmetal/grey (not decided yet) lettering and logo to screen
Rebuild (and will hopefully work!)

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Woot yay yay!! Today its had its clear plastic primer and the first coat of satin black paint, needs another coat but even so is looking good!

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It's all painted up now, all black though as we did not have any silver.
One issue i could not remove the base and did not fancy sticking my hand in the middle of the pcb so its still skanky beige :(
Also the logos have not been redone yet, but I should be putting it back together tonight and will take a piccy or two :)
dude, i had a great idea to sort the beige base problem - just construct a nice aluminium surround, or whatever u can get ur hands on at work, and then surround the base with it, jobs a goodun. Im sure u can mould something out of scraps from work that will look very swanky :) All your buttons are on the main case of the monitor arent they as i remember - so shouldnt be a problem?
what i mean, is u could fabricate a grp or resin cover for your base - which you can spray the same colour i.e. measure the base of the monitor, make up a mould in wood or something and then make a cover using that! will look very nice i think!

oh and where r these pictures daniel! :p

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........ Sorry guys its nearly finished (no new logos yet not sorted it) but is all painted and in use for half-lie 2 action as for pics I will do some this weekend when I get some time, and also I will write something about my new coolermaster stacker case :)