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I set up a crossover network between two pc's on vista and one xp. They couldn't see each other, but i could ping the ip without issue. I need to transfer files and such, i tried u sing flashfxp, but nothing, even IE wont connect..any ideas?

Also file sharing and all is there a user name or password i need?


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Are these two computers on the same subnet and whatnot? Is there a firewall involved that needs to be disabled? Is it a workgroup or domain?


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I had this problem too for weeks until I found the (my) solution:

- make sure both pc's are in the same workgroup
- make sure the firewall you use allows traffic between both pc's (enter their (fixed) ip adresses in the trusted zone in the firewall software ON BOTH PC's)
- make sure you have an account with the same name and password on both computers
- make sure you have at least one drive or map shared on both pc's
- then, in VISTA go to my computer
- right click in this window and select "add network location"
- you can now enter the network or internet address of the shared drive/map using the wizard that started after the previous step and this share shows up in "my computer".

I still do not see the XP pc in My Networkplaces, but at least I can transfer files to the shared drive on the XP machine

I see the VISTA pc in "my networkplaces" on the XP machine. Have't figured out yet why I only see the VISTA pc but I don't care anymore...

(maybe I have some translations wrong, I use the Dutch version of VISTA business and the Dutch version of XP Pro SP2...)
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Workgroup issue isn't a problem in xp and vista in my experience.

What you need to do is:

Enable Network Discovery on VISTA
Enable folder sharing (with/without password) on VISTA
Enable File Sharing on XP

With the above in place, if you still can't see either machine in 'My Network Places' then try entering " \\192.168.0.x " into the address bar in windows explorer. i.e. your ip for the destination machine.

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