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Creating Professional Image CD's


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I'm looking for software that will allow me to create a professional images cd along with a preview program built in.

Basically we have say 16 folders each with multiple images in it. I would like a piece of software that would essentially allow me to create a menu so that clients could pop the cd in, cycle through the folder tree and then be able to preview the images in each folder as they go, all Run directly from the CD it's self.

Something like windows explorer where the tree stucture is in a frame on the left while the preview takes up the majority of the windows on the right would be ideal.

I have searched through google but either I'm using the wrong keywords or something because I can't find anything that will allow me to do this.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated



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Interesting, I wouldn't mind something like that as well. I used to use a macromedia flash-based browser for image browsing on CD's, similar to those cover mounted CD's they have (still do?) on magazines, but they weren't too flexible.


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drz01 said:
This program will do this and more.
Does this program have a method of creating a autorun cd with it. I have been playing with it a bit but so far I can't find anything of the sort. Ideally I would like a program that can create a Image CD with the explorer like interface integrated in it so that all you have to do is pop in the cd since I don't want the clients to have to install anything on their machines.


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