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CPU Upgrade


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I have already been told that my CPU is way too slow...I know...get with the times!

New to this tweaking and upgrade fun. What I need to know is will I be able to upgrade my current CPU. System specs below

HP Pavilion 8690 (UK)
AMD Athlon 650MHz
AMD 751 Irongate chipset
ASUS K7M 1.04 Socket A mobo
256mb sdram
15gb ultra DMA HD
HP CD Writer Plus

The problem is you got a ready made computer there in that HP Pavilion 8690. experienced puter users would not touch that puter for the following reasons.

1. 90% of the time no upgrades are available, means you can't change the hardware.

2. it comes bloated with the companies crap.

what I would do if I was u, get a new motherboard, and cpu, and a new vid card too.

If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, find a local computer store and have them do it, you will like the new computer much much better.

just my opinion



Hey iceman...remember..i got my standard packard bell from 450 to 550...so it is possible..i don't say it would really help much...but it sounds quit cool no?:rolleyes: :D
yes, but you changed everything if I remeber right G- Lizard86. You changed the motherboard, CPU, etc, right?

I'm not addressing the overclock issue here, Iceman38 does not overclock, if Iceman38 wants a CPU to perform at the 2100+ level he buys the 2100+. I'm not knocking overclocking, I just don't think it's worth the risk is all.

:cool: :cool:


no that was with my old motherboard (PB Miami) and my old cpu (AMD K6-2 450 mhz)...i got it up at 550 by changing the jumpers on the mobo. This one is now running @ 1370....not that high...but i can get up much more..:p lol but i won't...don't wanna destroy it now i've come so far...(that's is poetic if u know what i mean):confused:


OSNN Junior Addict
Not to happy with overclocking!!!

Iceman..totally agree with your comments but without getting a new mobo will I be able to upgrade the processor?


no but it is something...tried fsb programs...and maybe swithing jumpers..if you have a good cooler (or else buy one), then there is nothing to worry about...remember..o/c is an art...:p:rolleyes: :cool: :D

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