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CPU Temperature



Does 48 Degrees sound ok for a machine of my spec (see below)?

I only have a CPU fan, a PSU fan and a fan on the graphics card.

Oh and it reaches 48 degrees after about 2 hours and has never gone above 50.

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Hi !
As far as I know, if the temps never go over 50°C (or even 60°C), everything is allright !
In your case, you don't have to worry !


with added ambient temp.. 48 sounds right too me.

But my Pentium3 1Ghz never goes above 32 full load!, just a comparison.


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It can be cooled better with a good thermal compound like Arctic Silver 3. I have had better cooling with that than the "pad" that comes on many heat sinks. There are some great heatsink / fan combos out there which will also lower the temp. Although your temp seems OK, it wouldn't hurt to try to cool it down a bit.

Good article here using arctic silver 2 on a Duron 800.


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Sounds a little too much for a Duron as others said , My Athlon gets 45 in 20 minutes and reaches 47 so far . You should be worried if your cpu [ ! ! ! ] gets over 52-54 degrees
It can be cooled better with a good thermal compound like Arctic Silver 3
xsivforce, you got a fixation or a fetish for this stuff?? lol
Seriously tho' I must get out and get some, sounds pretty good.

ta ta


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Originally posted by gothic

xsivforce, you got a fixation or a fetish for this stuff?? lol
Seriously tho' I must get out and get some, sounds pretty good.

ta ta
Yes, I do. :p I really have good results with it. Make sure when you get it, only apply a very small amount. It contains a high concentration of silver. If it makes contact with anything other than the processor itself, it could cause a problem. Also, remove whatever is already on the heatsink. Other compound or pad or whatever is there.


I set the ACPI CPU Temp ShutDown in the Bios to 60 Degrees so if it reaches 60 my PC will switch off on its own :)

Xsivforce, I will try some of that Arctic Silver thermal compound and post back with the results :D

Oh does that Arctic compound stuff work on humans? Sure would help in the summer heat :p
Arctic Silver should pay me a little on the side as much as I mention them. Thermaltake as well with the Volcano 7. ;) Maybe I should copy all of my posts about both of them and send them to the respective companies. :p
Dont get me started on Arctic Silver the stuff is one of the best things ever made, and gets better with every new mix, Arctic Silver 3 is wonderful, I am going to get some more when I get my ThermalTake Volcano 7+, as soon as Dabs.com gets some of them in. I would order now, but it is 2-3 weeks, and I will be gone in 2 weeks. Will wait til it is 2-3 days.

Also the Arctic Silver took my CPU temp down by 7 C, they guarrantee about 2-4, but I got 7, this I think is 'cause I had really bad contact between pad and CPU


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It depends

my chip can with stand up to 70 Degrees, but i agv out to about 23 for system and 39 for CPU

My Current System stat

OS: Wincrap XP Professional (5.1 - 2600)
PROCESSOR: 1-AMD XP, 1327MHz, 256KB (0% Load)
Mbm5 Info: System: 29°C, CPU 43°C, Fan(1): 9374RPM, Fan(2): 4687RPM, Fan(3): 2343RPM
RAM: 214/256MB (83.59%)  -={::::::::--}=-
NETWORK: #1 (Linksys LNE100TX(v5) Fast Ethernet Adapter - Packet Scheduler Miniport (10Mb/s) 775.34MB In, 1351.92MB Out)
VIDEO: Radeon 7500 64MB @ 1280x1024 32bit 70Hz
My g0at's been stable for 16hrs 55mins 3secs with Wincrap XP Professional
Current record is 5days 7hrs 2mins 33secs.
(%) Disk Space:
(C) Type: fixed Size: 6.89 Gb Free: 2.43 Gb Label: WinShit.
(D) Type: fixed Size: 74.51 Gb Free: 6.63 Gb Label: DUMP.
(E) Type: fixed Size: 10.31 Gb Free: 3.87 Gb Label: INSTALLED.
(F) Type: cdrom Size: 549.5 Mb Free: 0 Bytes Label: EXPANSION.
(G) Type: cdrom Size: 608.8 Mb Free: 0 Bytes Label: BROODWAR.
(~) Total Space: 91.71 Gb Free Space: 12.93 Gb.
Do you think my cpu is alright?.

i run a p4 1.3 ghz
wid 384 rd ram
i get a cpu temp of 45 idle
sys zone 1 : 25
and sys zone 2 : 33
do you think this is alright for a p4 1.3 ghz?...or too much?...
buh isn't that a lil too much for a measly lil p4 1.3 ghz?....
i mean...45 idle
i think theres somethin wrong
its usin the mobo's sensors...
i got a 70* C load temp...
45* C idle...doin nuthin at all

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