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cpu fan



i'm planning on buying a new cpu cooling fan. should i remove the cpu goop(i forget the actual name sorry) and replace it new stuff or will the old stuff be fine. and i need to remove the old stuff how would i do so?
It’s called thermal paste, but I've heard other names. You need to replace it, I like to take a piece of normal white paper and use the side edge of it to gently scrape off the old paste; I cut the paper to a size I can easily handle like 2x3. I use a similar method to put new paste on, just a small blotch then spread it evenly across the core.

But if you’re just replacing the fan you don't need to remove the heatsink. Or does the fan come with a new one?

Gus K

NTFS abuser
Clean it with Goo Gone. And remember, for what its worth, AMD does not recommend the use of any goo, and that includes Arctic Silver. Using anything other than the pad supplied in their retail kits, voids the warrantee. And don't be too concerned with the various low temps people post. With AMD, mid 50's are well within spec.

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