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CPU Core Voltage adjustment question


The One and Only
Ok, i was browsin this one website, and one of the how-to's was on soldering resistors for when you increase your CPU's voltage. now.... is this actually necessary if you up the voltage slightly? like with my P4 2.4C that i have running at 3.0 now. I can get it to about 3,376Mhz, but anything higher, and my PC either doesn't start to POST, or it will show the desktop in windows, and freeze a split second after. And i've read story's from people who have pushed their 2.4C up to 3.4 or 3.6 and just upped the voltage a bit. is not having the voltage high enough causing the lockups?
increasing the core voltage can increase stability when overclocking, but it also creates substantially more heat with it, and Northwoods are known to suddenly die if their voltage is too high (something like 1.75 i think)


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Plus it should be said if you start overvolting as well as overclocking you are generating the heat not just within the processor die, but also in the surrounding VRM (voltage Regulator Modules) and associated capacitor circuitry - all of which is by and large passively cooled.

But if you truly want to O/C you will undeniably end up overvolting too - just be aware this is where you are entering all sorts of dangerous territory in terms of system lifespan!


The One and Only
damn.... that's what i kinda figured. my CPU fan could probably give some of the other stuff a bit of a cool-down, but i still don't wanna make my CPU wind up dieing even faster than i probably already have by having a 600-800Mhz overclock.

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