Counter Strike freezing (please help)



i just started to play counter strike on my computer which i just upgraded to windows xp. Everytime i play counter strike the game freezes my computer and i have no idea why. i was told to download the nvidia 22.50 drivers and i did so and installed them and nothign has changed. i tried to update my drivers to the latest detonator drivers, and nothign has changed, i reinstalled windows xp and nothing has changed. i am going crazy here because i am the biggest computer illiterate person, and i dont have a clue to fix it because when i go to a site with a fix i cant follow the directions and i get lost in the process of trying to fix the problem because i dont understand. now some please help me because i dont know what to do, i mean i cant play counter strike for more than 5 minutes without it freezing, or it sometimes freezes when i bring up the game before i even start to play. can someone please help me by giving me exact instructions on a way to fix this, or i am at the point where i am going to install windows me because i didnt have any problems with windows me. so i am begging someone here to have pity on my computer illiteracy and help me with my counter strike and freezing computer problem. by the way i have a geforce 3 and a 1.4 gghz comp....and my connection is a college t1.
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you turn off dirext3d sound?

I had the same prob.

Run WINDOWS\system32\dxdiag.exe
Click sound at the top, turn the slider on the bottom all the way left.
Also you should update your bios


My machine would always freeze so I went a head and updated my BIOS and it fixed all of my issues....


If cs worked for you in Windows ME (which I think you said it did), then you can try running it on xp in windows 98 compatability mode.

Just open my computer, go to C:, then sierra, half-life, and find the file hl (it has the half life icon). Right click on it, and go to properties. One of the tabs is 'compatability', click on the box that says run in compatability mode for and select windows 98/me.

Might not work but if everything was fine in windows me, it might be an easy fix.

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