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could this weekend get any worse...


Ok so friday I don't get off work till late, and then have to drive in rush hour traffic home and I work on the other side of ATL which was a joy to sit in.. Go to UPS store to ship box to lancer, and they are closed. Then i get home and lady mooo was not feeling well so I had to do all the "honey do" stuff because of it..

Saturday my friend was moving and he broke his leg 3weeks ago so I said i would help (what a bad call).. So he couldn't do anything really, and then his girlfriend instead of helping would just look at him and hug and kiss, so it took SO SO SO much longer than it should have.. In the process of all this i realize i didn't have my wallett on me, so I thought it would be at home. Get home.. Not there.. So I go out last night to do my normal saturday night bowling with brother and uncle while lady mooo goes out and the only good thing is I actually beat someone this time and didn't come in last which rocked..

So today, I empty out my car, my room, check every inch of the house, and its not here.. Then I have to clean everything up that I moved around which sucked even more because the goal of finding it was not achieved. In the proccess of moving things, i must of messed up a wire to my amp that the computer runs though and the stereo is messed up.. on top of that now I have to go to a job interview tomorrow, with out an ID, I have to go to work, and then tomorrow night is the start of new semester... What a crappy ass weekend but at least it can't get much worse.. Thanks for reading my bitching if you made it this far ::laugh:


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yup today was a bad day, just saw a fight down the street between a saudi guy and egyptian, they hit the glass of baskin robbins and the whole thing fell, lazy ass cops just watched, we had to make them go over there
So I assume the Saudi was winning or the cops would have jumped in and beat the **** out of the egyptian?

Mooo as your lief goes on you will look back and realise that you're bitching about nothing because thsi weekend will have been much better than others you will have someday. Just wait until you get the $100k credit card bill from the stolen wallet. ;)


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nope cops didnt do anything until the fight was over, dont know who was winning, and thats about it, it was crazy though i saw them hit the glass, but i didnt think it would break, and all of a sudden all the glass falls


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mooo's blogin it i see.

ive lost a wallet before, what a pain in the a$$. every piece of id was in it. i still havent replaced my social insurance card, or birth certificate. sux.

this might help the job interview tho. from experience, that rough weekend has you on the balls of your feet. you're ready for pretty much anything.

get back to us on it :)
Call your bank and have them cancel all your cards if you havent already.

I called a guy the during an anti-fraud check. turns out he'd lost his wallet and his details had ended un in romania within 6 hours of loosing it, 2 hours after he found out I called to check on the credit card order placed for a dedicated server :)


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i'm like wtf, no msg from mooo?! :)

Don't worry about it, take your time this week and just let me know when you can.


p.s. nothing worse than a weekend sucking as you have to wait till the next one to make it up.


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hey lady Venom is pissed at me .. be glad lady moo aint pissed at you hehe.. and great pic gionnads have gotten that a few times in email.


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VenomXt said:
hey lady Venom is pissed at me .. be glad lady moo aint pissed at you hehe.. and great pic gionnads have gotten that a few times in email.

lady uh zeke? went away for school, looks like we all had a rough weekend ;) *limps to kitchen for sandwich*


Ha and what sucks the most is, i went to scam my school out of a teacher parking pass for this semester, and they gave me an old one that expires this month!! I dunno if i can score one now ;(
and comcast canceled my internet and tv when i told them just to cancel just one of the modems i had today.. EVEN more trouble, but @least lady mooo found the wallllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttt :) so not all that bad


Blame me for the RAZR's
lol dude take a big breath hehe.

Here are 3 thinsg to be glad havent happend to you.
1. Got riley back today now the vet bill totals 2600 he had abad case of kenel cough
2. My girl is pissed at me and making life miserable.
3. your not driving a vehicle that gets 13 mpg hehe.

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