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coolmon & mbm5 problem

hi all its me again =]
i have a prtoblem with these 2 proggies working together so I can see my temps on ma dfesktop. I used to use them 2 fine before so i know it can work. Coolmon runs great by itself, and mobo monitor runs fine from coolmon (i can see my temps with coolmon) but heres the problem:
when I reboot, as i enter windoze, I get the error message that coolmon could not find the dll\mbmio.dll can anyone help me pleasE?
it don't mean a thing just hit ok, try to re-install coolmon, but your probabvly stuck with that error message, coolmon runs okay, it's just waiting for mbm to kick in. :D
I may have given the wrong advise too. Go here and make sure you have the right version of the mbmstarter.dll for the version of mbm you're running. You may need to take coolmon out of the startup group and launch it manually to avoid the error.
further update, you need to put that copy of mbmio.dll in the dll folder of coolmon's.

like my example below,

C:\Program Files\DaisyManSoftware\dll

;) ;) ;)
thanx for the responses guys, I did both, got the version of thats dll from the coolmon site and i copied mbmIO.dll into the coolmon\dll folder and it seems to be running fine now thnx again

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