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Hi guys,

I am doing a Performance tune-up wizard, and this came up as a warning. Should I be doing something about this? What steps should I take to fix/improve this? Thanks in advance......



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The IDE controller on your motherboard supports a maximum of UltraATA/66 for transfer rates of up to 66MB/sec

Your hard drives (since they are newer than your motherboard) most likely support UltraATA/100 or maybe even UltraATA/133, which have theoretical transfer rates of 100MB/s or 133MB/s.

Since your motherboard does not support these higher transfer rates, it's moving the hard drives down to UATA/66.
If you want to move up to UATA/100 or 133 (depending on what your HDD allows), your only option is to get a PCI IDE controller card. You would then hook up the IDE cables to the card instead of the onboard IDE controller.

Hope that helped :)


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Thanks, NetRyder (again!!)

Since you answered my last post about installing a third HDD, would it be safe to presume that I can safely install all my HDD's on this card? I will be buying the necessary hardware this weekend, including a third HDD. Do I need to set them up as Raid or can each HDD be seen by my disk manager?



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You should be able to hook up all your hard drives to the controller card. You don't need to set up hardware RAID unless you really need it. All drives will be recognized normally just like they are now.

BTW, I've heard good reviews about the Promise IDE controller card, so you might want to look out for that one.

Good luck with the set up! :)


I've got a AproTech PCI U/133 IDE Controller. Works great. It has Raid Support (supports Raid 0,1, 0+1), but I don't use that feature. Picked it up at a local shop for $29.
I use it for imaging HDs for friends and as a connection for my Zip Drive. Best use of $29 I've come up with in a while. :)

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