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Control Panel???

HELP!! My control panel doesnt work. When i click on a link on the first page, it will take me to several more links, but if I click on one of those links (I.E. display properties) it doesn't work?? ANYBODY??? :confused:
I open control panel and get like Apperance and Themes, Network Internet Connections, Add or Remove Programs, and so on, and lets say i click on Apperance and Themes i get one more page witch has things such as Change the computer's theme, change the desktop backround, Choose a screensaver, and Change the screen resoultion, lets say i clcik on choose a screensaver i get nothing (i also get nothing if i click on display) and i get that with almost everything, there3 are several things i can open but most of it doesnt work.


Hey I had that problem....try using classic view, or right clicking on the "link" which i like to call an "icon" and click open.....hopes this helps...o yeah have you restarted lately? I think its funny...people make me come to there house cause something isn't workin and I restart it and it works.....strange eh?;)

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