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Control panel shortcut

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
Hey guys , I need help creating a control panel shortcut in HTML,
I need it to work from a java menu , here is an example on how links work there: {||Drive D:,file:///D|/,_blank} The highlighted part is the actual link (in this case , opens drive D: ).

someone told me that if i simply write "Control Panel" in the links place it will work ., but all it does is opens an invalid page in C:\Windows\Control Panel.

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
hmmm, problem! .
I cant use speedyB's example because of its syntax ( it matches the commands syntax in the applet) and i cant use matt's example because i cant put the VB execute command in there without messing up the applet.

any other thoughts?

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
Yep i'm using the exec() command from your tutorial... but i cant get it to work in the script ( after i replace the link part with exec(blablabla) the applet wont load.


Bow Down to the King
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try this..
create a shortcut to C:\WINDOWS\System32\control.exe
name it controlpanel or something
use the vbs method, put in the name of the shortcut.
use exec('controlpanel.vbs')

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
Thats a good idea , but it dosent work... it loads the applet this time but wont run the script ( it opens a invalid window at C:\WINDOWS\exec('control.vbs') ).

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
Sorry? what do you mean?
I did add the script in the beginning of the page if you mean that. I think the prob is that it is in a Java applet so it refuses to work.
how did you get yours to work?

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