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Feb 2, 2004
LordOfLa: He is just trying to help out man. If you are such a master of the English language, it doesn't make sense to me why you are asking for help then.
First, repeating bad english to me after I're repeatedly said it was wrong isn't helping.

Second, I have a stronger grasp of english and grammar than alot of people on here it seems.

Third, if I was perfect I wouldn't be asking for help.

Fourth, sales fluff isn't my stong point.

I'm open to all the help people want to offer. Telling me my grammatically correct english is wrong is plain stupid. Telling me my gramattically wrong english is wrong is helpful.

Additionally have is past tense. Since I'm talking about past experiance as well as current experiance, the sentence as is now is perfect.

When offering advice on grammtical structurem be sure what you are suggesting isn't wrong.


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Apr 8, 2005
If there is another post within this thread that is slinging mud at anyone at all, the thread will be locked. A formal warning was posted, that should be it.

If anyone is offended by anything, take it up with the other person via PM, or message a community leader to deal with it. Please don't insult eachother within a thread, it makes everyone involved look foolish and it's counter productive.


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Apr 5, 2002
Professionally speaking... "Spring for a dedicated server and have the whole machine to yourself!" does not sound right.

"Sign up for a dedicated server and have the whole machine to yourself!"

I am huge on consistency. I love your quote: "Space. Power. Simplicity." You have it right in the <TITLE> but not in your logo. You forgot the "." at the end of "Simplicity".

Other than that I think it is a great start.
I'll post again, it likely got lost...


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Mar 24, 2002
"experience" is spelled incorrectly.


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Mar 18, 2002
Instead of just adding spaces between the letters of your headers use CSS to change the kerning I think it is or might be called letter-spacing.

Actually heres a stab
Having trouble getting more storage space from your hosting company? One package, one price! Not quite what you want? E-mail us and we can design a solution just for YOU!

* 1 Gigabyte of storage space
* 5 Gigabytes of bandwidth

Only £12.99 per month! Learn More!

Shared hosting and resource limits cramping your style? Get a dedicated server and have the whole machine to yourself!

* list
* some
* benefits!!

Starting from £69 per month! Learn More!

Already have a dedicated server? Not enough time, or unsure how, to manage it? Red Meteor can help!

Red Meteor staff have been running Internet facing servers since 1999 and have a wealth of experience in a range of operating systems such as Linux, the BSD's and Windows Server. They are also familiar with many of the popular control panels available including cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin.

Red Meteor can manage your server freeing your time to strive towards business success!

Contact us now to discuss your requirements!
Wasnt overly sure what you were trying to get at with the space thing. What sort of clients are you expecting to want the Space type of package?


Feb 2, 2004
Didn't know you could change the letter spacing with css. Shall have to look into that, would help those with screenreaders.

The headers were more to utilise the slogan in the main page.

I'm aiming at clients that are a bit more experianced in the hosting game than most, who would rather have one base package that they can then adapt as needed with the host, maybe paying more, maybe paying less as needed.

Thanks Brad for pointing out experience, I can never spell that right firt time around.

I'll implement some of these suggestions and post again once I'm ready for more :)

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