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Conneting two Computers


Bon Scott

Hi Guys

I want to connect my pc ( running XP Pro ) and a laptop ( running ME ) through Internet Card with cat 5 cable, with full shearing....
How to do it ???
I don't know a shit about networking ( a few things ),
Can somebody please give me a kind of using guide, step by step....
Any help will be appriciated...

If your connecting directly from NIC to NIC (Network Interface Card) in each computer, you'll need a crossover cable. If this isn't how you plan to make the connection then give some more details of how you plan to set-up your network. After that it's easy peasy, just need more details.


yea wat lonman said
for the xp box, if its on high speed net cable/dsl
then you have a network card in it, u will another in that same one, and one in the ME comp (so 2 in the xp box, and 1 in the ME box)
then just get a cross-over cable and plug em in
install the cards

well since you dont know nething about networking, use the built in Network Wizard in xp, and i think it makes a disk for you
pretty str8 foreward, read and select appropiate box, then hit next, and repeat :)

Bon Scott

What is the next step ?

Thanx for reply

My PC is connected on Cable Internet with " Intel 21041 Based PCI Ethernet Adapter".
My PC is connected with Laptop on " OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controler ".
Both Computers can use Internet connection ( no problem ).
But I stil can not access the laptop and laptop can not access my PC....
In " My Network Places " I can see the laptop by when I try to access, got the message :
Server is not accessible, you might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

What is the next step ?

Go to Start> Settings> Control Panel> Network Connections> Right Click On "Local Area Connnections" and select "Properties." Under the "Advanced" tab, untick the "Internect Connection Firewall." Close everything.

Next, Go into Windows Explorer, right click on any drive or folder and select "Sharing and Security." Either share this on the nework selection, or select the Network connection wizard option. You'll need to do this on both computers, both steps.


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OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controler

IEEE 1394 is FireWire, not ethernet. Is this connected through one of those Firewire cable link things? Or is it a FireWire Ethernet Adapter?


Bon Scott

@ JJB6486


Both Servers are connected with firewire link.
And both can use ethernet,
But can not access each - other

set up accounts on both computers - same name, same password. I'm taking for granted that because you can see each other, that both computers are part of the same workgroup.


Thanks Longman

:p Had same problem linking my 2 PCs with firewire. Was tearing my hair out. Thanks big time :)

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