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I may actually be insane.
It's been done before, but many people have moved onto faster connections (I know I have, yay :p ) since the last thread was made on this, plus we have new members to participate.

I'm in the UK and have a 512k/256k ADSL line which costs around £23.50 (~33.60EUR/~37.32USD) It's probably a lot slower than most out there, but the UK is rather slow on the uptake of connectivity technology :p


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Currently it's capped at 8mb down by my ISP, not that you ever see it that high in the actual world on cable. Sometime this month I get to beta test the new DOCSIS 2.0 compliant modems, 30Mb. I can't wait.


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I'm stuck with 56k for the meantime. If my new job pans out I will seriously consider upgrading to DSL (not sure about the reliability of cable here).


1mb, Ntlworld ISP. they may have had alot of troubles in the past but lately they have been outstanding in Broadband area.

great speed :)


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800/128 kbit currently for 49.50 euros (34.74 pounds), will be 1024/128 kbit when my ISP has finished upgrading it's servers. I am thinking of getting the new Power subscription (2048/256), but that costs me 20 euros more, I don't if I really use that extra 1024 kbit. Though the upstream is nice, but not worth the 20 euros. And, now I don't have a download limit (was 6 GB/month)! :w00t: I only have to pester my ISP to get a static IP, although I have a router which is connected 24/7, sometimes the connection is broken for whatever reason and I have to reconnect and get another IP. bleh


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512/256 ADSL damn I just wish I could get something like 512/512 or some higher upload rate, I think most commercial internet connections are capped at about 256 upload here in the UK


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All of the 2mb packages (seems to be the highest downstream available to residential areas, unless you want to pay business prices) still only have 256k up.

Except bulldog, who have an "off-peak" broadband package, whereby you have 512k all day, then between 2mb and 6mb down at evenings and weekends, they claim 400k uploads.

obvious catches though: it's only off-peak, you have to be in london (ie, very close to the exchange), you'll probably never actually get 6mb due to high usage of the network, and my god it costs soooo much :p


I may actually be insane.
Because he doesn't pay? :p
It may be like the company here in the UK (who have sold up to a larger company now..) who offered 100% free dial-up but you had to have a small advert banner displayed on the bottom of your screen (those with a little knowledge could disable it ;) )

Or there may just be a really generous company in Melbourne who like giving stuff away for free :D

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I used ti use net zero...same thing..."free for life"

unlimited internet for life

then they went to 40 hours a week

then they went to ten

terribly slow, even in pro mode without the banners

most of these put a cap noe on useage, so i was wondering which he's using without a cap

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Originally posted by dealer
why is your dialup free?
At one time there were a few offering free dialup along with ads. There are all gone now. Too many people got around the adds. It wasn't hard to figure out.

The one I'm with now was one of the last. When they were free they wanted help in their forum so I became a mod there. Then when they went to a user pay service all the mods still got it for free. w00t w00t :D

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