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Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions


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I simply want to allow the Host workstation's Desktop not to logoff while the remote (me) workstation logs in. I would like have Remote Desk perform like WinVNC. I know about Remote Assistance but want to use Remote Desktop. I also wish to use only programs and support provided in a standard XP install. Is this possible?
Thanks in advance


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Also, I realize this is your first post on OSNN (welcome!), but please try to use the search function prior to posting a question.. a search for "Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions" (the title of your thread) would have provided 2 results.. the first of which is the thread I referenced.

Again.. welcome to OSNN.. may your stay be filled with increasing knowledge. Just beware of the Tittles.. (no offense TittleBitties) ;) :p


OSNN One Post Wonder
Concurrent Remote Desktop contin..

I was directed to this tread from another forum and did a search on your forum. It did not return the question/answer I was seeking. I simply want to allow the a Host workstation's desktop not to logoff when a Remote workstation logs in. I would like have Remote Desktop perform like WinVNC. Is this possible?
Thanks in advance
i use remote desktop almost every day. it is not possible to have mutiple sessions running on the same box. and also, if you remote into a rig, then try going from that one to another one on the same network, remote desktop will crash. pca works well, but will also not allow multiple connections to 1 computer.
interesting, because when i try, it crashes.

to clarify, when i remote to a machine and try to start a remote session to another computer from that machine, i crash. i haven't tried starting 2 sessions on the same computer to 2 other computers - that would seem like it would work.

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