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Computer starting up on it's own


OSNN Addict
Hi all
I have a old computer running Win Me and it keeps starting up on it's own. (very x-files).
does anybody know what could be causing this, would disabling hibernation in the bios help. "just thought of that".

err, maybe a 14lb hammer would do the trick. :)



The Voices Talk to Me
I had a old Win95 PC that would boot on it's own at random. It didn't even have a modem in it and there was no wierd on modem power on setting in the BIOS. I never did determine what caused it, but it was very creepy. I just started turing off the power bar.


Blame me for the RAZR's
look in the bios for all wake up options.. See if one of those fist your problem. Like he said a modem or Lan can power on a computer if set up to do this.

plus open it up and check all your jumper settings as well as all connections to your computer. last put least if the pwoer supply is cheap/old try using a diffrent one.

tell me what happens.


OSNN Addict
I disabled acpi and wake up on lang in the bios and that's seemed to do the trick, the thing's been sitting there for about 6hrs now and it dinin't start up once.

thanks guys for the help.


The Analog Kid
Some older systems are not compatible with MS's implementation of ACPI. Just have to set it to Standard PC, so you get the "It is now safe to shut off your computer" screen like back in the old days.

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