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Computer Restarting


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Hey everyone, I was just having some problems with my comp restarting by itself. This has been happening for a long time, and I just can't figure what it is. I have no virus' or anything, so im not sure what to do. Does anyone know what this problem might be and how I can fix it? Thanks.


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no idea what it might be - does it do this when not in use whatsoever? I would check your BIOS settings and also look into the option that says to restart automagically on a problem - chances are there is an error being concealed by that, it is in the computer management somewhere (I forget where, but I suspect you can find it or search forum to get it)

[edit] just came across this post - gives you exactly what I was referring to! :cool: Thanks AZ![/edit]
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could also check your event logs after the reboot to see if anything in there gives you a clue as to what went wrong.

Could possibly be a heat issue as well (although usually a overheated system will just hang instead of reboot)..


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spontaneous re-booting is often a sign of memory chips failing. Try taking your chips out one at a time and rebooting, or moving the chips and re-seating them

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