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Computer Froze, rebooted now get no video

i was playing a game, computer froze, sound went beeeeppzrrrtt so i rebooted, now my moniter doesn't display anything. on my motherboard (epox 8rda+) i get the C 1 displayed on the LED which stands for memory, but i tried every combo of memory and it still doesn't work, so either 3 sticks of memory just went bad, or the video card is shot.. any opinions?

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Does the monitor powerup light come on? If you have onboard video you could try taking the card out & boot up to see what happens (set the bios for onboard). Don't like the look of that sound it made.


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Were you OC'ing anything? The AGP bus perhaps, or teh card itself?

It might also mean bad video ram, but the card will usally take care of it's own. Follow Hipsters idea and see if teh monitor even leaves energy saving mode when it boots.

Just a guess on my part but it might be a burned northbridge chip. AGP-CPU-RAM-Southbridge interface.
well i guess a sound like that is caused when a graphics card fails to respond when computer is on, im guessing it over heated try smelling it for burning signs... i dont think it's the ram though they can't all just go dead at once that would be freaky, and the computer would still show something on the screen and then tell you something that the ram is bad, so yea i think it's the graphics card


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I just had a similar situation with my nephews pc. Same symptoms (minus the C1 led)...turned out to be the sound card holding the system down. Did you pull all the cards (if any)?

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