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comp will not ping


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when I try to ping it gets this message: transmit failed: error code 65
I am thinking there is a virus on the machine.
Any other Ideas out there?

American Zombie

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You by chance have or had Zonealarm installed?

I have seen this before when Zonealarm does not uninstall correctly and the solution was to install then uninstall ZA.

Might want to look at KB 316414 too.
I've had that happen after I uninstalled ZA, the true vector file/program hangs out for some strange reason. I haven't used it in a while, I switched to Kaspersky Anti Hacker for my FW and I love it.

See if you still have true vector running when you go into the task manager.


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Just some more information... If you run command (cmd) and type "net helpmsg NUMBER" you can see what the error message means.

i.e. "net helpmsg 65"

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