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Commercially free antivirus


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey all,

Was wondering if there is an antivirus that is freeware and GNU friendly.

If there is one, is it worthwhile to use?

I am thinking clamwin, is there others?

This is for Win2003Standard, XPPro and Win2000Pro machines in a small 5 computer accounting office.




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In my humble opinion, free Antivirus shouldn't be used because you get what you pay for. If you are referring to a server as well, that machine especially should have a top-notch virus program. Get something along the lines of a program that allows monitoring from the server for all the clients, which will streamline your administration. Most companies make this, including McAfee, Symantec and NOD32.

If your customer is a tough sell, explain to them what may happen if a virus chews up their entire network in 3.2 seconds, rendering all their machines relatively useless.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Actually, he is a tough sell.

First year startup costs have been killing him. At first I recommended him to get Sophos, but he would just get something for the first year, then move to something more powerful, server based, which monitors the whole network.

Thanks KC,



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Could use AVAST, or AVG on the clients. Not sure if either is compatible with a server platform. I would just make sure he understands the risks involved.


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I would have to agree. You should look at solutions optimized for servers. Normally, free versions of AV are optimized for desktop usage, not a server.


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Optimization aside, files and data within a networked environment that involves a server need to have adequate security around them. Paid for solutions offer a higher quality of protection versus free products, at least in most cases.

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