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I have 3 DVDs (across 4 discs) of Ali G stuff which also contains a lot of stuff with Borat. Now Borat is my fave, and often I just like to watch all the Borat stuff so I thought I'd try to create a DVD of everything I have of his. As far as I know, each Borat section has it's own chapter, so essentially what I want to do is identify and rip each chapter of Borat, then stick them all together on one disc (or 2 if I can't fit everything on).
What's the best way to do this? Should I extract the VOB files for each chapter and then try to combine them with another program? I've looked through the FAQs etc on but I can't find anything about this. Obviously I could just rip and encode everything to divx then re-encode them into MPEG2 for the DVD but that seems to be going the long way round and would also lose quality by compressing and then re-compressing.
Anyone got any suggestion? Reps for anyone that can help. Cheers.

EDIT: I've mostly sorted this now, I used a combination of DVD Decrypter and SmartRipper to extract the relevant VOBs, now I'm just compiling them onto a DVD. The only other thing I'd like to is to cut the first 30 seconds or so from the first VOB, as that one contains an awful introduction by Ali G. Does anyone know of a good way to cut/crop VOB files and then save as a VOB file too?
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NeroVison 3 (that's the version I use from ver 6) will do all that you ask. You can add the VOB's and do pretty much what you want, including trimming. Note under More-> Video Options, tick 'Enable Smart Encoding' so it doesn't re-encode any DVD ready files.

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