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coaxial to s-video tv converter?


hardware monkey
anyone know of a good quality converter that will take coaxial cable signal and convert it to s-video? or at least a decent one that will convert to composite video?

i wanna stay away from generic... i want a good picture to record with my new gf4 vivo.


You cant convert form coaxial to s-video!

Thats why video machines, and TVs have a seperate s-video or composite sockets.

Coaxial is used from your roof arial to the TV, or by cable companies.

Never seen a coaxial=>s-video or composite.

Even if you made your own adapter, the image quality wouldnt be as good, s-video and composite use different signals, so you cant go from coaxial to s-video.



hardware monkey
sure you could. if coaxial can be converted to composite, why couldn't it be converted to s-video? both are quite different than coaxial.

i realize there's really no market for such a converter since both composite and s-video have more bandwidth than coaxial so a coaxial-svideo conversion won't really give you a better picture than a coaxial-composite one. but if it was of high quality with a top-of-the-line conversion chip and whatnot, it could pull the most detail out of the coaxial signal. just wanted to know if there was such a thing out there.

i have an old vcr available to convert it to composite... but i have no room for it, it's cheap, and would rather have a dedicated converter... for space and picture quality concerns.


Easier to buy new video machine with SCART, s-video, & composite outputs. They are very cheap nowa days.


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