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I have three computers on a network, Duron 1.1 as the host, AMD450 as client# 1 and Cell 500 as client #2. XP operating system on all three, hooked up to a hub. Internet was working fine on all three computers for awhile and now the Celeron 500 machine will only navigate to certain websites only and is very slow. I am using DSL internet. I formatted the Celeron 500 and reinstalled os and still have the same problem. Cant seem to find what is wrong need help:mad: :mad:


I have a similar setup on my computer network also. Basically four computers connected to a hub, three are win2k's and the one that I'm working on right now is xp-pro. My "server" is one of the 2k boxes. I have Zone Alarm Pro running on it, an internal DSL modem, and an ICS program, called Sygate.

One thing I would check is "ipconfig/all" from the command line, and verify that the DNS servers on your computers match the DNS servers that your ISP issued; they generally never change. If you have to add DNS servers (at least one), you can add them by going to control panel, network connections, and choose your local area connection. Then right click on it, go to properties, choose internet protocol (tcp/ip), click properties, click the radio button to manually enter dns server addresses, and then enter the ip address of at least one dns server your isp gave you. If there are two, then enter them both.

I'm not sure if my computer would slowly connect to only certain web sites without this DNS settings, but it basically takes a long time, and I'm too impatient to see if it connects at all.

Hopefully that will help you out.

Also, make sure that you are sharing that internet connection, and if you have a firewall (recommended especially with DSL), make sure that it is allowing outgoing and incoming traffic for web access.

Sorry for the long winded message, I tend to be very well detailed on my posts, especially if it deals with tech support.


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same have few of mine shared through another xp machine to dsl
the web on some sites on the shared machines can be slow, including this very site


Most sites will not open up at all. Did all the checks, no luck. Any other suggestions.


How much traffic are you pushing through the hub, with the other pc disconnected from the hub do you have the same problems? Can you ping the sites that you're unable to browse to? Can you ping anything? Try if you can ping that then you're connected properly, then try pinging, if you can ping that DNS is working properly. If you get any kind of loss when you do these pings, then you might wanna check the ethernet cable for bends & possible replace it, try switching to a diff port on the hub, & maybe even re-install with the latest NIC drivers.

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