Clickity music... help!



This is extremely wierd... I have no idea whats wrong with my music players. Everytime I type while listening to music, it begins to cut up or give me strange clickity things... like interference. But its not interference coz its only when typing. Also, my keyboard is not wireless.

Also, I've tried changing drivers (the realtek ones and nvidia nforce drivers). The realtek gives me cut ups and slow downs, the nvidia gives me more of a clickityness.

I've disable ClearType. I've disabled all visual stuff. So the typing is not really the problem. The sound is on IRQ22, shared with "Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller".

Its not CPU, coz in the Task Manager, CPU is really low, like 8%.
Its not memory.

It DOES occur more in iTunes, and less in Winamp5 beta 2. So I am guessing its along the lines of mp3 codec....



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first thing first, have you absolutely ruled out everything but mp3's? if you play a wav or regular music CD and type do you still get the static or is it only apply to mp3 music?


yes it is most likely the sound drivers, but I never had this problem before with exactly the same driver... I just need to format again :(

I hate formating