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hey people. i'm currently in the market for a 120gb harddrive for storage. what this means is reliability is top priority. i've narrowed it down to these 2:
- Maxtor D540X
- Samsung SV1204H

both are 5400rpm, have a 2mb buffer, and have <12ms seek times. speed is not an issue. they're both priced about the same at around $130.

i know maxtor is more popular, so this review of the samsung should even the field a bit. they basically say it's a good value drive.

Nick M

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I'll tell you this much Taurus;

I have one Samsung 6GB drive; and been running it almost everyday for about 10 hours; going at 5 years now. It's load times are nothing special; but this drive so far outlived my new WD's, and one Quatnum.

I don't know about the new 120GB drive; but I have no complaints about my old drive; and hopefully; the new drive is improved and better; in terms of speed.

I think you should go with the Samsung drive.


hardware monkey
your input is appreciated, nick. i was leaning towards the samsung drive to begin with. anyone out there ever have one die on them?

i know there are lots of pople who have or had d540x's... any of them ever die? or any complaints?


hardware monkey
the samsung. :D

it's in my sig. so far, it's wonderful. it's silent, of course.. i can't hear it over my other hd or fans or anything. and it's cool to the touch. after hours of running, it barely feels room temperature.

the extraordinary part is sandra 2002 gives it a higher score than my 7200rpm 8.5ms ibm by a good 4400 points somehow! :blink:

my main concern, reliability, can only be tested through years of use. but the fact that it's cool and quiet give me high expectations. my 3000 songs and all my programs and movies are depending on it!

at this point, for $130 shipped, i highly recommend. :happy:

Nick M

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I need a second 120GB I might consider getting just that one.

Thanks for the feedback and the answer; tech spec and user opinion need was killing the curious one! :)

Nick M

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lol yes the second.

File storage junkie. ( Back up! ) The good things :)

Snookbooger; that's the drive I have right now IBM 120GXP...and I thought that was fast. Works well too.


I have an IBM Deskstar ata100 udma5 7200rpm 120gig drive.. Fast and reliable. Theres a tiny appz that enables u to "silent" the drive.. it really becomes noise free.. more @

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