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Cheap 256MB USB Flash Drive?


I'm sorry Hal...
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pretty good, could also check out ebay, they have a lot of these on there and they could be cheaper since its an auction


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
I just bought a 256MB USB 2.0 Pendrive for $110 AUSSIE. You'll have to do the conversion yourself. Bought from Golden Age which is an international business.


Secret Goat Fetish
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have a real good look @ ebuyer;)

i brought a kingmax 512mb usb key that was on offer for £80 including vat + delivery a few weeks back, now they cost about £100.

a 256mb version will currenly cost £47 inc vat.

just look around for some deals:cool:

Look Here


High On Life!
hey guys are amd athlon xp processors cheaper in london or the states, i would figure the states, but cuz my dad is going to london today and wants to know if i want anything from there.


High On Life!
yeah i know last time my dad bought something from england for me (voodoo 5) it was really expensive so im not ganna ask for anything probably, hes ganna get me cordory pants though because i got some from bahrain and hes like ill get u some from london. what about singapore would cpu's be cheap there? cuz hes going soon to singapore, and then the states. then we go to dubai THE LAND OF ELECTRONICS! LOL I LOVE BEING IN DUBAI THE BEST CARS, ELECTRONICS, PRIZES,SHOPPING, U NAME IT!!! ill take pics and post in december when i go


High On Life!
and this time ill make sure i go visit the burj el arab. (7 star hotel) last time i went like the night i was leaving they had to many people in the hotel so they told us come another day. LOL


I'm sorry Hal...
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Originally posted by ZAnwar
no but they will be second hand on ebay, no?
Not necessarily. Lot of the sellers on ebay are merchants. You can usually tell when they are retailers/merchants because they have many auctions, often of similar items and their pages are all fancy. And they'll often say they are and have shop address and stuff.


okay thanks people.
i will now go check out ebay, thanks Khayman!

shall i check ebay.com or .co.uk?



ebay is excellent, i can just pay a little more (like £10-£15) and get a 1GB one!

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