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Changing mp3 to MIDI



Im building a website and i need 2 know if its possible to change an mp3 to and MIDI file in order to get the backgroudn music running. If theres a way please email me at Fallensoldiers@msn.com. Thanks
Try looking here. Although a midi created by a machine won't be as accurate as your ears, you will at least have a base for the song and you can edit the midi accordingly.
Here's what you do.

Learn how to play piano.
Buy a midiman 64-key keyboard.
Buy a 2x2 midiman usb pro.
Listen to the song and learn the chords / synthlines / whatever.
Play them into Cubase and record the midi.
Load a sample to the midi.
Save and put on website.



I just thought of something. Why use midi? Why not use flash, you can import an mp3. Make a 10x10 square that will go along with your background and have it play the mp3. That would be better sounding than a midi as well.

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