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cd-writer plus 8200!!!


High On Life!
My friend has a hp cd writer 8200 on his p4 system and it doesnt write cds any more he has updated all the drivers for xp and for the firmware but it has also been doing this from before the installtion of xp. it thinks its writing the cd but when the cd comes out nothing is on it. also sometimes it even has problems reading a blank cd whats wrong??????:confused: :confused:


What burning software are you using, check you have the latest version and patch's.

If your using XPs built in burning support.. again.. there are known issues, but updates are available from windowsupdate site.

Mr Dead

Ive had exactly the same prob with my liteon 12101b. Even tried a complete format and install without all the burning progs just the newest nero with no success. Tested the burner on my brothers pc and all ok, even took it back to the shop they tested it and said it was fine. Strange thing is my A03 burns cds and dvds ok so cant be a software prob!!!
Well sounds like your friend has a choice. Buy another writer or take a chance and get a cd rom cleaner. What the heck, if it isn't working and he had the problem even before installing xp it just might work. I tried it on an old cd-r that I replaced for someone else and now I have an extra to put in another computer:)

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