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CD-ROM Doesnt Open?


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Hey, my dang Cd-ROM Drive doesnt open?! I tried restarting my computer 2 times and it still doesnt open. I want to be able to play play games!! Without my cd drive its booooring.... I went to my computer and the cd-rom drive icon is not there!! Plz someone, i'm in need of desperate help!!:( :mad: :confused:
Did it just happen out of the blue? Might have a bad cable or the cdrom might be dead. Did you install something recently that can help explain the disapperance? Does your bios pick it up during boot-up?
I can only assume the worst then... the possibility the drive died on you. Open your case up and fiddle with the cables on it and reboot. If your bios picks it up during the post process (should flash on the screen that it's there), then it's may be a software driver issue. First just try rebooting... it may not have been picked up for some reason and a reboot might be all you need.


Does it do this when you have a disk in the drive, or is it empty?

Mine does that with one particular disk that I burned. The only way I can get it to open is..Start/Turn Off Computer/Restart. Right before the computer restarts Windows, you'll see the "active or busy light" on the CD-ROM blinking, hit the eject button. If that doesn't work, wait till it's reloading windows. Hit the eject button when you see the "active light" blinking.

It only does it with the one disk. Don't know why, but that's the only way I can open the CD-ROM door with this disk. Hope it works for you.


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Ok thnxs guys. Ummm I forget how you get into BIOS, I gota Dell computer what button do i press to get into BIOS? and when do i know when to press it?


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My Cd-rom drive has a green light under it. its suppose to blink... i dunno whats up i'll try turning comp on and off and see if it works.:)
I'm not sure what key your Dell uses to enter the bios. I use the 'del' key. It may be that, F1, F2, or a combonation of keys. What's the model number of your computer and we can look it up for you. You press the key at the very first screen that appears during boot-up... just keep tapping it.


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Oh yea! Del key, no its okay my models 4400 series. Its ok thnxs. Ummm how does BIOS help?

Ummm I tried turining my comp off and off! Still doesnt work! All i see under my drive was a green light, and it suppose to blink, but it doesnt! What the hell is going on here?!
Sounds like something wrong on the inside... not powering on. Open your case and jiggle the wires... make sure they're seated all the way in. Turn the power off first of course. Reboot after that and see if the drive flashes during boot-up... if not you may have a dead drive... call Dell... you may need to RMA your system.
If it's brand new then something is probably loose. No blinky winky means no power wower... seat the cables. If the case has a seal sticker on it, then call Dell first so you can get it on record that they told you to do it.
one force way of opening the CD-ROM is to get a pin... or something fairly small...
...most CD-Roms come with a little hole in the front... bung the small thing in there... dont push too hard... just firmly... and weeee - the CD-ROM tray comes out...

but not ALL CD-Roms have the little hole...



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I got this dell comp a month ago....and plus its risky... Uhh what does BIOS do to help? Does it help fix or scan for Cd-rom drive?
The bios will pick it up IF it's getting power. You say that during the POST process the drive isn't blinking... that indicates it's not receiving power... it's really simple... if it's not getting power it won't work even if you sacrifice a chicken to it. In other words... you can tinker with everything else on the planet and until you VERIFY that the power cable isn't dangling loose or not seated all the way, then it won't work! You asked for help... this is the BEST advise you're going to get... going into the bios won't do jack if the drive is not getting power. If you find the cables are firmly seated then it may be a power supply issue... but you won't KNOW until you do first things first.

1. Call DELL!
Yeah, if the green light is on then it has power. On your boot screen do you see the POST process or is it a Dell splash screen? Either way... enter your bios and make sure the drive is being detected. If not then it's my guess that either the IDE cable is loose or bad.


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Ok when i get inside BIOS what is the first thing should I do?

So when I go inside my comp i gota ground myself? then open the computer and what are the color of the wires? What should i do with it? Do i unplugg it? or do i unplugg it and reconect it? Plz tell me...

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