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CD-R Drive keeps opening and closing



I Have XP and whenever I am on my computer, the CD burner opens and closes repeatedly. Sometimes it opens all the way or sometimes in just wiggles back and forth. It won't stop at all. I don't even press the button and it does it. Can someone help me out please?
You're haunted bro? ! ?

Actually, I'v never heard of this kind of problem. A drive can open and close if something is stuck inside but...um...this sounds real strange. I would get another drive Steve.


yeah man thats the strangest thing concerning a cd-rom drive i ever heard.i agree with Nick M your haunted but your not alone i had a hounted cd-rom drive to except mine would continuesly run like it was reading a cd but there was nothing in it then suddenly after hours of doing that it finally stopped and has been working fine since very strange


sorry i just find that funny as hell

although wouldnt be funny if it were happening to me:mad:

maybe like nick said...somethin stuck inside.

post back when u find a solution..i sure would like to know what possesed your computer
I feel for you Steve. Microsoft got to your hardware. This must really be the end. :)

PS. Take out the drive, and blow some compressed air in there. Maybe that would get loose whatever is stuck. Otherwise, I would say it's broken somehow. Or it's possesed.
You may have a trojan !

Run your antivirus you may have a trojan installed....you can remotely tamper with your pc if your infected...ie..opening cd tray !
that is the strangest problem ive ever seen and have no idea whats happening. the button isn't stuck down or anything is it? and yes, check if there is anything stuck inside or stopping it from closing completely!


there IS a virus that does this....havnt seen it for a couple of years tho and I cant remember its name.....had it on our network.


Well I had problem with that ,a burner would keep opening and closing . Your drive is dirty on the inside . how do I know -well I took my drive a part and found the cd drive door has a series of contacts ,when the contacts get dirty they raise all sorts of problems . I don"t recommend taking your drive a part but blow it out with some compressed air , it might do the trick .
If there was a virus that did this, I would sure like to have it on floppy. Cause choas in school :) Seriously, Steve if you find it, don't delete it... I want


maybe your box is on a drinking binge and thinks it really IS a cup holder. heh

seriously, sounds like a trojan issue. and i say HOSE it, we have enuf chaos in our schools. No offence bro :)


I may actually be insane.
My moneys on trojan, if its at random intervals then its not likely to be a physical object in the drive. it has to be some software controlling it.


lets not confuse 'trojans' with 'viruses' here.

its less likely to be a trojan. trojans by their very nature are designed to be invisible to the user so the bad guy can keep accessing your machine without suspicion.

this is much more likely to be a 'comedy' virus....or an obscure technical fault.


I may actually be insane.
there is an app (can't remember who made it) that hides its process and just randomly opens and closes the CD-tray, intended as a joke...
If you look at most trojan clients they have the ability to open close the CD-Tray (must just be something easy to code) which is why i think it may be that.

Either way, scan the drive for virii, and check all start-up methods, should sort the problem.

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