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CD Burning using XP pro

I cannot get a cd burnt.

Can anyone tell me how to check that I have allowed XP pro to burn CDs?

I have a Teac DW224E DVD/CDRW combo. I have recently had to reinstall XP, before the install XP CD burning and nero both worked. Now neither work.

How can I check that XP recognises the Teac drive as a RW drive?

How can I get nero to work, or is there a better burning program?


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Hi David,

To check if Xp is recognised your CD-RW, it should show up in device manager, if you have and yellow triangle thingies [/me couldn't think of a better word] right click on it and select up-date driver.

Also when you open my computer it should show as a DVD/CDRW Drive and not as a CD Drive.

I have read through your other post and was wondering if any of the excelent advice there helped you?

Nero can be a bit complexed when you first start using it, but it is one of the better burning softwares out there.

Have you tried just Xp's own burner software?

If so what errors are you getting?

You sound really phished off with this, but I'm sure the Guy's and Girl's here wil sort it for you.:)

Alan you have summed up the situation very well. I feel very p......o....

In Device manager I am told that I have a Teac DW224E DVD/CD ROM and all is working correctly!!!!!!

When goto My Computer and select the drive I am told that it is a DVD-CDRW drive.

When i select a file)s) for burning they are transferred to the special folder. When i select the drive and tell it to burn the files a window appears and a progress bar is progressed and it appears that the files are being burnt. However when I go to the drive there is nothing on the disc.

Nero still refuses to recognise the drive, all i have is a virtual drive.

As I stated previously both XP and Nero used to work OK until I reformatted and reinstalled everything.
This getting more weird. Previously i have always tried to burn using write only discs - and with no luck.

I have just inserted a read/write disc and neri InCD started so i tried copying files to the drive as one would with a hard drive or floppy and IT WORKED???

Why does Nero InCD recognise the drive whereas Nero will not.

Could it be a problem with the discs?


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Is there any way you can get hold of another make of disc to give that a try?

I remember I got some of those coloured [colored for our U.S. Members :)] and my software just woulnd't do anything with them.



its only fun

Just read your post again.

Isn't there some issue with Nero IncD and Xp? or is that EasyCD's version?

Maybe some one else will let you know if there is.


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