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CD burning speed??



Just a quick one, what are the effects of burning a cd faster than it is recommended?

For instance, If I burnt a 4x CD at 8x for example??



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well, there are 2 things i could think of that.... might happen.

1. because you're trying to send data to the cd faster than it can write to it, it will probably turn the CD into a coaster about..... 99.985% of the time. or...

2. Could end up happening like the reason they say CD-RW drives can't really get much faster than they are now. which is the fact that the CD may not be meant for that kind of speed, could crack, and damage the CD-RW drive very badly.

highly doubt that #2 would happen, since the write speed is only the speed that the Drive/CD can Send/accept data, but #1 will most likely happen FAR too often.

P.S. the percentage for #1 is probably a major overexaggeration, but is still not worth all the coasters you'd probably get.
It's all a question of the dye used on the media. Faster CD's use better dyes. Now to really screw the pooch:

My Fuji 24x CD's will only burn at a max of 16x. My liteon 40x burner says they use 16x max dyes.

My Imation 24x CD's will burn reliably at 40x on the liteon which recognizes them as 40x CD's. No coasters, no data loss after 6 months.

I get the blank CD's (Fuji or Imation) on sale at Best Buy for $0.10 a peice after rebates (which always come through). My burner software of choice is Nero and Clone CD.

Draw your own conclusoins. I just buy Imation now.

Shamus MacNoob

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I find some things just need to be burned at slower speeds ... but its not like I am in a hurry set it to burn and do something else instead of sitting there watching that little bar go 1mm every so many seconds LOL



Like LeeJend says, you should be able to burn cd's reliably at the maximum speed nero permits. I've used 16x Traxdata which have burned without flaw at 40x and 24x strand which burn at 48x. I've never had my cds limited to a speed lower than their rating though!

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