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CD Art


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Is there an easy way to get all the album art for your music, fast?

Like all at one, maybe even free?


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If ya want free then ya better grab a 6 pack of rockstars and prepare you browser for a serious Google overload. Especially if ya got a shiit load of music. Trust me, I've been there. And the obscure albums... ouch. Finding good cover art for those and at a good size (rez) is, shall we say close to miraculous.


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well ..if you had an itunes account its quite simple ... you hit the "find album art" tab and presto.

If you dont use itunes ... use amazon music ..copy/paste the album art from there to your song file.

heres an example (Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese). All the info you need is there for proper labeling. Song titles in order, date released, artist, songwriters ..ect.

BUT>>> if you are looking for an image of the actual compact disk itself .... that i have been trying to figure out myself for a long time.
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I use itunes, but don't have an account, cause it cost money, and don't you have to pay for the album art you download from them?

I have most of the cd's that are in my library, just the art isn't on the computer. I have done the google thing in the past, and it sucks lol. I thought by now there would be some cool way of getting all.

Alright, I guess I have a boring weekend coming up lol.


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Can't you just tag the albums you want, and then get new info/including album art? I know several players will do this. I also think there is an app that will do this for you, it resolves around the CDDB or gracenote.

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