Case Mod Question

Ok I'm planning to do a few mods to a case,

Windows,lights and other stuff.
Now here's the question?

I have a ATX 250 watt Power supply that i intend to use for cooling fans and a few other bits ,
the case has a 300 watt supply fitted,
And the 300 will run all hardware.

I need to know a way to rig up the 250 to run the extras as a power supply has to be connected to a mother b4 it powers up,

So does any one now a workaround that will let me power up the extra power supply to run my other bits and bobs, without using a mobo ?

So come on you guys get them old brains working and help a poor guy out.

Many thanks
best regards........Cupid
The case is a full ATX/server case, so plenty of room in there for it.

I did intend to mount it inside the case, the case only comes with a 300 watt supply and thought rather than get a bigger supply I would use a spare one i have lying around.

All the power cables in the tower provided will be used for hardware.

I dont want to put any of those cable splitters in to power other components.

I just need a way to power up another supply to run fans, cathode lights, strobes etc.

I'm poor the misses dont leave me much cash B***H



Originally posted by Cupid_Stunt
Luckily the case does have a second mounting plate for another power unit,

Thats the easy bit ;)

4 screws and it's in.

so your saying it has room for the other power supply?
ok put it in cut a hole for the new power supply cord and plug it in then plug all the doodads and whatnots into it
Thanks to all especially Freightgod i checked out that link,

Did the job just as i needed, many thanks.

Will probably post a few pics once the full case mods are all done.
Thanks again



all you need is a short wire. all you have to do is connect it to pin 4 and 6 with the clip of thge power adapter facing up and counting from top left to top right. if u connect pins 4 and 6 it will power on the power supply. koolance cases ship with a wire to do it so you can run the pump and test for leaks before you put your hardware in. if u need a diagram goto site and download the user manual

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