Carly Fiorina

In response to the recent news that Carly Fiorina has stepped down as CEO of HP, I found this joke rather appropriate


HPCEO Carly Fiorina dies, and she goes through the usual process ofdefending her case in front of the Divine Jury. It is not clear whathappens exactly and where things go wrong, but when the jury comes backand the sentence is read, it turns out she is admitted into Heaven. SoCarly is filling in the usual paperwork at the HAO's desk (HeavenAdmission Officer): non-disclosure agreement, legal disclaimers,non-competition clause, etc...

'Congratulations and welcome to Heaven,' finally says the angel. 'Go down the corridor, first door on your right.'

Carlywalks to the door, pushes it open... and staggers back. Through theflames and behind the door, all you can see are countless devilsinflicting the most horrible tortures to screaming souls. She rushesback to the Officer and waves her admission pass, breathless. 'Must bean error, this thing here says Heaven!'

'Oh yeah,' says the angel, barely looking up from his/her screen. 'Forgot to tell you... we merged.'

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