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cant see ram on video card

i have a gforce ti 4200 128mb ddr, and i just checked to see waht drivers i was running and i saw that it only said it was 64mb ram now 128, anyidea on why this is happening???
ok i reinstalled drivers and re started, no change
in the bios it says 128mb.
video card manual says 128mb
not overclocked.
umm that is all i can think of to try to find this out.
adia reports it as 64mb
i just thought of this, i have a secondary ATI 64mb PCI AIW card for my analog capature nad TV, it is 64mb would this be affecting my main card? which is in the AGP. just thought about it not too sure if it is possable but yea

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Guessing here. Could you maybe disable the second card from within the device manager. You might have to reboot but windows should then only see the 128mb........maybe.
tryed that, no go. i also tryed totaly taking the card out and removing all nvidia files from my system then reinstalling the card
no change, i am gonna try the card in anouther computer to see waht it says


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Originally posted by canadian_divx
i am sure it is 128 becasue i put it in anouther PC (briefcase mod) and it saw it as a 128, does anyone know how to fix this without reforatting?
is sandra also reporting as a 64mb card ?

I am also inclined to think it might just be a 64mb card...

post what sandra reports it as... possible with a jpg showing the details...

also... in your bios make sure that primary card is listed on your AGP... not pci... (just have to change from PCI to AGP if it isn't that already )
it is all set properly in bios nad even when i turn the computer on and it says the video card name it says 128mb, the car was bought as a 128mb, was running like that before. so i am pretty sure that it is
Just for grins. When you used to see it as a 128 card were you using an older detonator?

PS Life in ATI land is wonderful. Been using the same driver for 6 weeks since I got the card. ;)

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looks like it might just be a 64mb card :eek:

In aida32 look in the physical devices section and see what it says for your card? Mine shows exactly right ....

Bus 1, Device 0, Function 0 MSI Ti4200-8X (MS-8894) Video Adapter
well in the other computer it is the most up to date, but as it is now the summer and school is now over, i formatted and it now shows it as a 128mb card. wierd that it is like that but yea

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