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cant build anything on freebsd

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Internal compiler error: Error reporting routines re-entered.
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <URL:http://gcc.gnu.org/bugs.html> for instructions.
*** Error code 1

is the error i get on everything i try to build - anyone have any idears ?


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Did you just install FreeBSD? You get this error when you try to build something from the ports collection?

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fresh install, installed sudo and mc and updated all the ports using cvsup, it says all is up to date, after a bit of checking i dont think it did update everything.

pkg_version -v - shows that there are somethings that need updating so am running cvsup again - which is deleting alot of ports.

But yes if i try to build something from /usr/ports it kicks out with that error on everything, it must be an issue with ports as everything was working fine earlier, seeing as im new to freebsd i thought i might have messed something up (i have been tinkering) so thought fresh install would be a good idear ;)
Which version of FreeBSD are you using? If its 6.2 then uncomment the two REFUSE lines from /etc/portsnap.conf and then run `portsnap fetch extract`. Then build /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portupgrade

Once you've got that then use things like `portinstall security/sudo` etc. Its much cleaner and easier to use.

Additionally if the machine is not going to have any GUI stuff then I'd recommend adding the following lines to /etc/make.conf


its a bit of a pita having to add all three but it seems the most effective method of blocking out X11 and X.Org components from all ports.

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yes its 6.2, been following what it says in the handbook, maybe thats where i hit the snag, its getting a bit late here now but will give what you say a try in the morning


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I'd like to see your ports supfile configuration file. Make sure you have tag=. & ports-all so it grabs everything.
make install has a dependency on the other stuff which is required so it will all take care of itself, dependencies included.

I tend to use portupgrade now purely because it makes the job of updating ports that much easier.

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think you were right about the xorg stuff, seeing as im new to freebsd i selected to install everything, have been advised to use base install and just make what i need after that.

also what is the difference bewteen -release and -stable versions of freebsd ?
STABLE is the initial version which is usually released on the CD/ISOs afaik. RELEASE is then the branch into which security patches are then merged into.
"FreeBSD-CURRENT is the development version of the operating system, which will in due course become the new FreeBSD-STABLE branch. As such, it is really only of interest to developers working on the system and die-hard hobbyists."

"If you are not familiar with the operating system or are not capable of identifying the difference between a real problem and a temporary problem, you should not use FreeBSD-CURRENT."

FreeBSD is well supported by its active community.
There are more than one hundred mailing lists and several newsgroups available. There are a number of FreeBSD User Groups around the world, and there is also an active IRC community.
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For the base system & kernel you want to use the RELEASE version. STABLE is not the stable version, it is the finalized commits to RELEASE. CURRENT is always in active development and may or may not work, STABLE should be a little more static but still has active commits and may or may not work, RELEASE will always work. Unless you have a specific reason to use a STABLE or CURRENT version you should always use the RELEASE version.


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However odd it may seem, but STABLE is not stable in the sense that it can be changed at any time by a developer if they decide to add something new.

-RELEASE is what you want to run, with the latest patches
-STABLE is when you need some device driver that has been updated by a developer and has not yet made it to a -RELEASE
-CURRENT is when you are a developer

-BETA's are run by anyone that wants to test out an new release of the OS.

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something aint right - first time i installed frebsd i had no problems, ever since then im getting build errors 138/139 - which after googling its a segmentation fault, yet when i had linux on there yesterday (backing up everything off the raid) every program i build gave no error, migh give memtest a look over

could this be a gcc and/or malloc issue ?

edit: memtest is saying all is ok (after 3 full tests (3 hours or so))
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