Can You Say Maybach?


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Saw this about a week or so ago, and didnt get time to post, the thing is wow, i bet a lot of you guys seen a maybach, but not in egypt, lol very rare thing. the taxes onthat thing alone is like 1 million dollars, but the guy that owns this one doesnt pay taxes because he owns a limo company which helps out tourism so in return they dont pay taxes on any car. its actually his wifes. theres also two near my house in saudi, same owner, but never took pics of those. we took this pic in marina (luxury resort in the north coast of egypt near alexandria (where im from))



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Speaking of cars, ****, you move to a big city, and you see a Porsche, a Lambourghini, a Corvette, and a Beamer within 5 mins of each other :s
You would have loved Nurburg - 3 Ferrari Enzos and a F40 in convoy, more Porsches, BMWs and Mercs than you could shake a stick at (including an SLR!) and every other car under the sun too. Unbelievable how much wealth congregates there.


High On Life!
no man, i dont get jelous, he has the money, then good for him, if i get money and grow up to own a nice car i wouldnt want someone to key it would i? especially a 375,000 dollar car

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