Can I dis/enable my secondary display with a shortcut?

Is there a way to create a shortcut to access the display properties in order to disable or enable my secondary monitor (a tv) on my Geforce 4 mx 440???? I'm pretty sure the secondary display device is controlled by XP though... i could be wrong... I like to disable it for gaming...:huh:

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I know its possible with ati not sure with nvidia but ati you could en/dis able with a custom hotkey that could be assigned in the display panel may not solve your problem but at least i replied
baser, i'm in exactly the same situation as you......GeForce 4 440, with TV as secondary, so I am also waiting with bated breath for a solution. Someone out there must have some ideas??!!??

got it figured out...

ok... i think it's the same format since Detonator's 28.xx ( for a while anyway... btw i'm using the 42.70's)

Open nView Desktop Manager (nView Properties)

1) check "show advanced nView controls" - apply

2) under the "profiles" tab, create two profiles (since the generic one can't be renamed easily, i just deleted it) name them whatever... one will be the single monitor configuration, one will be dual

3) check "Include Display Settings in Profile Loads and Saves" - apply this will ensure that proper resolutions and whatnot are saved...

4) double click the first profile you want to set up. this makes it the active profile.

5) under the "hot keys" tab create a hotkey combo to "Load profile..." make sure you set it to load the OTHER profile and designate your shorcut keys (Alt + Shift + whatever)

6) go back to the "profiles" tab and "Save Profile"

7) activate the next profile by double clicking it

8) repeat steps 4-6 for however many profiles you want to setup. You have to create the hotkey combos in each profile... and remember if you are in your single monitor profile you don't need to create a hotkey combo to load you single monitor profile...

Please post any corrections or additions to these instructions

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