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Call me Crazy....


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I have decided to put a 120 mm fan in the top of my case to carry out the hot air. I have a jet master 4 which sits next to my PSU. the top of my case feels quite warm. My Core center say my CPU temp is 65c and my sys temp is 39c.
think this fan is overkill? I don't care about noise, just want a cool case.


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i'm hoping that the CPU temp you said was when under very, VERY heavy load. Normally a P4 idle's at around 40C. mine idle's at i think around 38, gets up to around 50 when playing a game like UT2004 or somethin.

On the fan deal, doesn't seem like overkill to me.


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sorry you said call me crazy...jam that fan in there...a lot better to cool down a pc if you think it's hot then not doing and then all of sudden...you have a huge paperweight


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nope those are idle temps...... i know they are high but i think it's because i got that pocket of hot air sittin in there.


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could be i put this together about 2 months ago. granted i did not use top of the line thermal paste, i'm gonna try turning the jetmaster around. the intake is facing the psu and maybe it's not drawing enought air? worst comes to worst i can always slap on the intel fan.


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Thermal paste with your card, then go pay with it, the store will have great fun trying to get card details with a reader full of thermal paste! :eek: :D

I do exactly the same thing and go for a spot of paste about the size of a small grain of rice (a well known metric measurement :p). I've just built an Athlon64 system with a stock fan and it's running surprisingly cool. Just the right amount and application of paste is definitely the key.


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you're not crazy, but I doubt sucking from the blowhole will drop CPU temp more than a couple of degrees, four at most. I've had the experience myself with an 80mm and decided it was not work the noise, but since you don;t care you're not mad - just misguided, I feel sure thermal paste or a change of CPU cooler are more intelligent options if your concern is CPU rather than case temp.


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ok i have re-applied the thermal compund and the temp is still hovering the 65-67c range. i don't quite understand it. is there something i'm not doing right? i mean i took the time to seriously apply this stuff correctly. i even switched to the intel HSF. i cleaned off the crap they put on and applied the compund according to the directions. any further ideas or suggestions are welcome. i mean it's stable for now but when i go to play a game it will jump into the 70's range and that bothers me. i don't wanna fry the cpu.
Get a better CPU fan? :) gotta love mine. GigaByte 3D Cooler Pro. *realizes he advertises that too much* can't help it. tis a great HSF, probably cause of the heatpipes, but dunno.


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wellll - this is tough to advise, basically though I would hoinestly say never trust a thermostor readout to be accurate....

I could easily say that if you had AMD processor it would probably be overkill - but I know you have a P4!

Then again do you have a "feel" that temp is a REAL issue? Has there been any unexplained instability? CPU temp expecially will almost always give a BSOD before it comes close to frying the CPU - and RAM is a close second there. If you are stable I would GUESS the thermostors are lying. Any way you can get a direct readout with t temp gauge of any kind?

At end of day I guess if it makjes you feel better - do it - keep an eye on readouts - even if thermostors are lying they should register the change.... so if they show no chnage then the fan there did not help and look at your case and cable routings etc etc and try to picture the airflow.

This may sound crass advice - but also clean and inspect closely the CPYU heatsink and fan - I know because I just cleaned out a shed load of dustball vfrom my stock AMD 1900+ fan - and it cured regular BSODs! Thing is until I unscrewed fan I could not see the problem...

Just some thoughts - good luck and post back!


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it's brand new system , less than 3 months old, hand built. I am not the brightest tool in the shed i do however pay attention to detail. my prior processor to this was a p4 1.7ghz that didn't run close to this hot, at full load that thing hit maybe 53c and hovered aroungd 45c at adle my case temp was around 28c.... and that was a dell case with only 2 fans. this thing has got 5. i have moved fans around, changed flow direction, removed fan grills, replaced thermal paste 4 times. I was thinking abour replacing the PSU but if i am left with the same problem, i just wasted that money. so i figure a water cooling system will get me the temps i want and keep the load on my psu down. I am looking at the Cooler Master Aquagate ALC-U01 and the Aquarius III external liquid cooling from thermaltake. I'm not looking to overclock my processor to 10ghz or anything like that, just want an efficient system.

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The best way, you want as little as possible, but enough to stop any air between the cpu and the heatsync.

Place the heatsync on top of the cpu, push down gently and rotate the heatsync back and forth slightly, squeezes out the air etc.

Its been made idiot proof with the Athlon64 tho -- that thing clamps down hard.


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I'd be with mainframeguy on this, if your systems stable I wouldn't worry too much abou temp readouts. I just built a system with an Athlon64 3000+ and got a temp readout of 80C+ at idle. Seeing as the Athlon64s shut down before that temp I knew it couldn't be right, and the system was running stable. A little diging later it turned out to be a BIOS issue reporting wrong temps from the mobo.

Point of the story is, as mainframeguy said, temperature readings aren't always right. Have you got a sensor for the overall case temp? What's it saying the case temp is?

I find that, on AMD chips at least, the processor temp at idle is just a few degrees over the case temp. Does this match the readings your getting?


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EP: depends which paste your using, some pastes specifically say don't twist as it creates ridges and air bubbles in the paste which reduce conductivity. I didn't realise this eaither until I was researching the aforementioned problem.

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