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Originally posted by Chris
the tweak page tells you try downloading an aol file to test speed... its automatically lost my respect :)
that is only because they have good servers, and why not use up AOHells bandwith? I never said to install it ;)
Its the principal dammit :p

Also, wont the Cable ISP know your messing with the connection? Or are the ISPs in America now as strict as they are over here?


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You aren't messing wiht the connection, you are tweaking your TCP stack to optimize it for your connection. The goal is to get as close to your caps as possible. This is not illegal. It should not be confused with uncapping your modem.

As far as principle, think of it this way, why bother a perfectly good and humane ISP with downloading when you could be using up AOL's bandwith. Personally it would be great for everyone to download that file at the same time and kill their server :)


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j79zlr: Just curious...would the CableNut tweaks have any effect if I'm connected via a router, or are they useful only when you're connected directly?


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yep they work with a router just fine,

The only time they dont work are when ISP's like AOL install their own TCP stack instead of using windows. This is pretty rare, there is one other that installs their own stack and I forget right now, basically if you use AOL you are SOL.


With all due respect tp cablenut and everyone else.
I have been reading about his and many other speed patches/fixes or whatever their called for years.

Bottom line is they are not recommended and in most cases do not help. They can actually hurt more than help

reason being is pretty simple. 1 seeting does not fit all!!!
I been trying to get that through to people for so long I feel like I'm wasting my time. Too many people want the 'quick fix" and I hate to tell em but there is none.

tweaking a broadband connection is pretty simple.
Basically there are really only 2 things to optimise.
RWIN- Recieve Window
MTU- maximum Transmission Unit.

Process I always follow.
Call ISp to find out advertised/capped speed of the connection

Do a tweak and speed test (I use tests at another board (only cause they aint here)and not sure if I am allowed to post that board here, but I know many people from here go there also)

I use a program called DR.TCP to change those values as needed. Its safe and easy.

After changing values re test (as many times as needed)

Once the connection is getting 90% of the capped speed the job is done.

PS- formula for figuring out RWIN

"after a tweak test take the "RTTavg".
Take this value and use it for latency in the formula.
(latency) x 1.5 x (advertised speed) divide by 8
Example: MSS is 1460, RTTavg is 125ms, and advertised download speed is 1500kbps.
125 x 1.5 = 187.5
187.5 x 1500 = 281250
281250 divide by 8 = 35156
35156 divide by 1460 (MSS) = 24.07
Round up to next even number = 26
26 x 1460 = 37960 (Optimal RWIN).

There is also a RWIN calculator to make life easy but again I donno if I can post that here.

Anyways, all I gotta say is a 1.5 connection cant be made to go to 13 MGB LOL
There are no upload tweaks.
And 1 setting does NOT suit all.

EXAMPLE - 1 patch recommended me to make rwin 64240
My connection is 3MGB down (TY, RR, LOL)
I made my RWIN 29200 and I am actually getting 2990 down, better than 90%
I couldnt be happier :)


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Bob, if you input your download caps and Latency into my settings page it calculates the RWIN in the method you described. I never either recommended or posted a one setting fits all setting. That is why my site will input your connection type, upload and download caps, and latency to determine the settings.

With all due respect, DrTCP is the worst internet optimizing program, and the people at DSLReports have no clue.

As far no upload tweak this is partially true. You can adjust the DefaultSendWindow, which is an AFD paramter tweak and it can help out upload stability and speed.