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It's been a while since my last submission on here. I've been so caught up with University and Clients that I've hardly had any time to myself. But now that I'm back, you can expect to see a lot from me posted in this section. I'll start off by showcasing a business card design I've made for myself today.

Tools: Imagination, Inspiration, and Photoshop lol.
Time: Around 40 minutes each side.



I've already shown this to Bilal (~bk) and got some feedback from him (he was excited to get my number! :laugh: and yes, I have blurred it out :lick: ) but I'd appreciate any comments / critisicm given. Thanks in advance. :)
madmatt said:
It is going to be really expensive to print those up with all those different colors.
Yeah, it will be hehe. But I've got good relations with a few graphics design firms here. I'm pretty certain they'd give me a bit of an advantage with the costs. :)
kcnychief said:
Pretty sweet design, I'd be impressed.

Depends on the stock & finish though I imagine :s
Thank you! :) I'm going for a batch of 300, double-sided to begin with. Finish will most likely be matte. Wouldn't like it to have any sort of shine.


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I love the back of the card.

Not so sure about the front.

Maybe change the color of the logo or the color of the url? The blue and brown don't seem to work together for me.
I done a sample print myself and it actually goes quite well on card lol. I've been getting a few reactions to the blue. But not sure what I can do with it. Got anything in mind bro?


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Nice. The blue seems to clash a little with the back colors but the design is clean and professional (which is ALWAYS key).

Would it be off to change the logo background (leave the birds white) and text on the front to match the deeper colors on the back?

Coz then it will all blend nicely together.


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Nothing wrong with being wrong, as long as you don't make a habit of it... (I should know... been trying to break the habit for years now).

I like to support my local businesses, too (especially since I've worked for several of those local-type print shops). I especially hate it when terrific little mom-&-pop business go down the tubes because somebody like WalMart comes in. On the other hand, when the purchase relates to your business, you gotta watch that bottom line. Such is life...

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